Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Super Swing

Jack got another upgrade today. We bought a new swing that plugs into the wall. This thing is crazy deluxe. It glides, swings, plays soothing tunes, and (best of all) doesn't use batteries!! So far, he loves it. Which is good, because now I can get more stuff done around the house. Like, maybe I can finally put the laundry away... it's currently all over the floor, as illustrated in this photo. Or nap, since Jack has decided that staying awake til 3 am is fun. We'll just see where the day takes us.

Update: laundry has been put away. Hooray for the swing!!!

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  1. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I just came across your blog from BBC and loko forward to following along. I also have a son named Jack who was born 12-23-09!


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