Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Jack had his first outing today - he visited the doctor. We were there to have his bilirubin levels tested, as they had been slightly high when he was discharged from the hospital after birth. Jack was NOT a fan of the heel prick required for the blood test. (He was mostly angry because his foot was held against his will, the actual blood draw didn't seem to bother him.) Two hours after our visit, we received the news that Jack's bilirubin level was dangerously high (19.7, they hospitalize at 20). His doctor ordered phototherapy, which came in the form of a cool blue light that he had to have on at all times. Luckily, the machine was portable and slipped under his clothes, so he was not inconvenienced much by it. He will have his blood drawn daily until the bilirubin levels decrease. I think the blood draws are worse than the vaccinations - they take longer. He's a tough little cookie, so I cried more than he did!

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