Monday, May 24, 2010

Sit, Jack. Sit!

Jack is officially sitting up on his own. He has been working at this for a few days now, and today has mastered the skill. Granted, his balance is only good for about 30 seconds, but we are working on improving that. I think he prefers his bumbo to sitting up on his own, because it's a lot less work. We may have to have a chat about his work ethic (or lack thereof!).


  1. What a big boy!! My Jack sits up for brief periods too, but he has to be leaning forward on his hands. They're growing too fast!

  2. Heehee. so cute! Ethan just tri-pod sits still...but he only started that a few weeks ago. I love seeing pictures when they start sitting. So exciting!

  3. yay!! He looks so big and "grown up" now :) Can't wait for my Lillian to do that! We're working on it!


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