Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eight Months

Every day, Jack learns new things and amazes us with his skills. I love the stage we are in, I can't wait for what's to come...but there's still that bittersweet part where I wish we could go back to the beginning and do it all again. Even with daily pictures, (and sometimes video) I still miss the "old days" sometimes.(Like how he would rub/smash his blankies in his face. He doesn't do that any more. And, as much as I love to hear his laugh and see his smile, I remember how much fun it was to try to make him giggle for the first time. We would do everything we could think of - and he would look back at us like we were crazy. Ahhh...sweet memories) I'm so very grateful to be with him every day, all day, so that I can kiss and love on him anytime I want. I get to watch him grow and learn - and watch as he transitions out of babyhood. Oh, the adventures we have ahead of us :)

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  1. Happy 8 months, Jack! It has flown by and it sure is bittersweet!


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