Saturday, December 11, 2010


Happy Birthday to Jack! Here's what he's been up to lately: He continues to be the strong & silent type, not really saying many words yet, but he has definitely discovered his voice over the last few weeks. His new favorite way to communicate is to shriek/scream. He is working on saying what sounds like "hi", but still has no interest in saying "mama" or "dada" with any regularity.
He pulls himself up to stand, and will remain standing, unsupported, for up to a minute. He has taken a few tiny steps, but prefers crawling as his method of transportation. He has become very fast, and recently we installed a baby gate to block off the kitchen, as Jack also figured out how to open cupboards and drawers.
Jack now has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. He did go though a phase where he enjoyed biting me, sometimes when eating and sometimes quite randomly, but luckily he no longer finds that fun. Some other things he likes to bite into: bananas, Cheerios, almond butter & jelly on waffles, ground beef mixed with peas, sweet potatoes and graham crackers. He's not eating any baby food anymore, and has switched to table foods. He uses a sippy cup, and is getting much better at not spilling the contents all over the floor :)
We have yet to take him to his one year check up, but once he visits his pediatrician, I will be sure to share his stats. He is growing quickly now - we are guessing that he is at least 27 pounds. He's turning into a toddler and losing his baby is rather bittersweet.
The Birthday Boy was decidedly unimpressed with the cake,
but he really enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with the plate.

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