Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Balancing Act

As Jack gets older, more of his personality is emerging. So far, we've seen that he has a bit of a temper - he currently throws temper tantrums that include him throwing his head back and spinning in circles, followed by a dramatic fall to the ground and rolling around. It's hard not to laugh when he's mid-tantrum, although we try not to, since we don't want to reinforce the behavior. Another thing we've noticed is that he has quite the sense of humor. He will do silly things to get our attention - such as putting a bowl on his head (see how I tied that in to today's pictures?). He has also been experimenting with making different sounds. Still no talking yet, and he is sneaky about his "talking" because he will only practice in his crib when he thinks we aren't paying attention - but one of these days I think we are going to be surprised with an actual word. Maybe.

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