Sunday, September 12, 2010

Even Cuties Get the Blues

A certain someone is teething along with getting over a cold. He's had his nose wiped approximately 700 times today and gets more irritated with each tissue. He is probably also outraged that he woke up in his crib this morning. Then there was the fact that Mommy failed to get him the activity table that he really wanted. (Baby toys on craigslist go really fast. Especially the good ones with amazing prices.) Poor little guy - it has been a rough day. At least he can console himself with the fact that Mommy found a bunch of other fun toys that he'll be getting tomorrow. Also he is wearing an awesome sparkly shirt (thank you, Aunt Janet!) and cool powder blue pants. At least fashion has not failed him!

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  1. Awww! I hope you're able to find him an activity table. It's so much better than spending full price and it's an awesome toy! My mom got me a package of those Boogie Wipes. They are the best and a lot less irritating than tissues. You might want to try them! I hope he feels better soon and the teething passes quickly!


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