Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the Mend

Jack appears to be feeling much better today. He has been more playful and is back to touring the house. (We really need those baby gates, like...yesterday!) All that activity must have helped him work up an appetite - after eating his fruit & veggies (FYI: Baby broccoli, carrots & cheese is so stinky. I am glad I can not smell anything at the moment!), he still had room for his favorite snack - a blueberry cereal bar. He likes eating this treat all by himself, but he needs to be hosed down afterwards. Into the bathtub he went. He had lots of fun playing with his red cup (the only toy he plays with in the bath). He also discovered that the tub has a ledge and tried to pull himself up. Slippery baby plus tub does not equal a good idea. Luckily he quickly lost interest and returned to the red cup. Phew! Potential crisis averted :)

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  1. So glad he's feeling better! And cute picture! Jack hasn't started pulling himself up yet. I'm excited for it but also dreading it! I'm starting to use an inflatable tub in the bath tub. I'm not ready to put him in the big tub just yet. I'd rather he stay as contained as possible! :)


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