Monday, June 7, 2010

Bananas: Part Deux

Crisis - we ran out of avocados. Not to name names, but a certain Daddy keeps eating them all. Little Jack was forced to eat bananas for dinner. We were also out of fresh bananas, so he had to eat (gasp) jarred baby food bananas. Earth's Best tries hard, they really do. Their ingredient list keeps it simple: bananas and water. (You would never know that from the foul stench of said bananas a la jar, however.) Jack just isn't into the whole banana scene, jarred or fresh.
Guess it's back to baby guacamole tomorrow.

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  1. No carrots and no bananas, huh? Has he only liked avocado so far? I'm trying either green beans or peas this weekend! I love his bib too!

    And I do agree that our Jack's are just the cutest. :) Have a great road trip!


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