Friday, June 4, 2010

Just A Sip

As you may know already, Jack has always refused the bottle. Granted, we only really tried to give him a bottle once, but the experience was so horrid that we chose not to do it again. I decided to skip bottles altogether, and go straight to the sippy cup. We finally purchased a few gender appropriate cups today, and gave Jack a chance to try one out. Remember yesterday when I told you that we are in the "all the world's a chew toy phase"? Well, predictably, that is exactly what happened to the sippy spout. I am not sure he got any water out, but he did like having a new surface to gum. For about 5 seconds. Then he threw it down and wanted Sophie instead. Another thing to work on!

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  1. Haha, Jack wants to chew on his sippy spout as well, but because he does take bottles at daycare, I think he expected milk to come out and did suck some water out with my help. At the wedding I took him to, it was really hot and I let him drink some cold water straight from my glass. He loved it!!! And I agree about boys clothes. The hat is from iPlay. I think you can find them on Amazon!


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