Thursday, June 17, 2010

Disney Daze

We almost didn't have any pictures of this momentous occasion. First, I left my camera behind. Then, Daddy's camera didn't have a memory card. We used Grammie's camera for a few hours, but the battery died. What a fiasco! Even with all the camera trouble, Jack managed to pull through and have a great day. He went on several rides (he grabbed a quick snack during the Haunted Mansion and the train, but his favorite was It's A Small World. It's hard to say how he felt about Pirates of the Caribbean, since he slept the entire time, cradled in Grammie's arms. He was quite a trooper, and managed to hold out til 9pm when the park closed. Of course, it took another hour to get to the car, but he slept through all that!

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  1. I LOVE his hat!!! I want one for my Jack! Glad you guys are having a good trip and that Jack is doing so good!


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