Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day in the Life

Jack is finally settling in to a schedule - he goes to bed by 10 pm and generally wakes up around 5 am. He then eats and takes his first morning nap until 7:30 or so. (He pretty much gets up to refuel!) During the day, he has playtime, frequent snacking sessions, and a series of catnaps. It's a very nice schedule - now we just have to work on getting him to sleep in his crib. He prefers to either co-sleep or be in his swing all night. One of these days, he may actually use the crib...that will be our goal for May!


  1. Congrats! A schedule definitely makes things SO much nicer overall!! :)

  2. What a cute pic! I was co-sleeping for the first 2 months but knew I had to get Jack in his crib before I went back to work. It was a lot easier than I expected and he's been doing great. Good luck on making the transition!


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