Monday, April 19, 2010

He's Not Too Spoiled...Right?

In an effort to prevent poor little Jack from being too deprived, we found a few more toys for him. For those of you keeping track, this brings him up to six different entertainment options. He immediately fell in love with both the bumbo and the Johnny Jump Up. Although, to be honest, he did a bit more wiggling and gnawing instead of jumping. I also feel that I must tell you that his "outfit" today was all me. He started out with just the onesie, then got cold and I added the first items I could grab quickly. So yes, those are Christmas socks paired with giraffe Baby Legs. I think he pulls off the look rather well!

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  1. So adorable! I really wish I could get Jack a Bumbo. Luckily we tried it out at a friend's house before buying it and it just doesn't work for us. Jack's legs are too chubby and it looks uncomfortable. He likes sitting up so I let him sit on the couch like a big boy as long as I'm sitting next to him! Your Jack is pretty lucky he's got so many great things to play with! I think we have the same jumperoo!


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