Thursday, April 15, 2010

Muy Macho

Jack has developed quite an attachment to Sophie. As long as he has a blanket and his favorite little giraffe, he is a happy camper. His preference for living simply would have been nice to know about ahead of time, seeing as how we have basically replaced our living room furniture with baby accessories. As a guest in our home, you can choose between one of two baby swings, a play mat, a jumperoo, or a bouncy seat. Who really uses a couch anyway, right?
Today's title refers to Jack's onesie, which reads (you guessed it!) "Muy Macho".


  1. oh man, this makes me so jealous! I want to get my daughter sophie the giraffe but I'm not sure if it's necessary right now. Glad it keeps Jack happy!!

  2. We just got Sophie and he loves it! The only problem is when Jack lets go of it, he has a hard time getting it back in his hands and in his mouth. But we're working on it!


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