Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Fun Fun!

Jack is finally starting to enjoy playtime on his activity mat. He will actually keep himself entertained for up to 45 minutes at a time! Some favorite activities include: watching the sun (on the mat) light up & play music, watching the hanging toys and then grabbing them, putting his blankie in his face and biting it, and lifting up his head & feet at the same time (while lying on his back, so it looks like a sit up). He cycles through these activities several times, then gets bored. We are still in the "attention span of a goldfish" phase!


  1. I LOVE his shirt!!! Where did you get that?? Last year I found a similar adult sweatshirt but didn't get it.

  2. Rene, my mom found that shirt at Downtown Disney in CA. She also got a shirt for my husband that says "Jack's Posse" so they match! We have always LOVED that movie, and my daughter is actually considering being "Sally" to his "Jack" for Halloween this year :)

  3. I love that movie too and can't wait to introduce it to Jack! You'll have to get a pick of them wearing their shirts. Too cute!


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