Saturday, July 17, 2010


...Jack loves pears too! He tried the last of the "first fruits" today, and scarfed them down. He is quite interactive during his meals now. He will sit with his mouth open and making "ahhh" sounds until I put the bite in his mouth. If I take too long (ie: more than 2 seconds) he will grab the spoon and feed himself. He was reluctant to release the spoon at first, (it makes a nice teething toy) but has since realized that in order to have the food replenished, he has to let go. He has also discovered that he is NOT a fan of having his face wiped after eating. He starts making a face as soon as I even start reaching for the washcloth. He'll usually try to protest by putting his hands in his mouth, but that plan generally backfires since his little fingers are usually a mess too. So then we get to start all over again with the cleanup process. He likes to make it a challenge - I think he gets that from his mommy :)

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  1. Cute! Jack doesn't like getting his face cleaned either. But part of me thinks that his frustration over it is really him mad that there isn't any more food! He loves his pears too. He loves all the fruits he's had so far! I'm excited to try plums and nectarines soon.


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