Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pool Boy

Jack took his first trip to the pool today. Unfortunately, there were a zillion kids there and the water was still a bit chilly, so he has yet to take his first dip. He had a great time sitting poolside (in the shade, of course) in his bumbo, playing with Sophie and watching all the kids running around. We ended up being there all afternoon and he loved it. We're planning to go back tomorrow - we'll get him in that pool yet!

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  1. You're lucky you're able to go out. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all code red days here with temps over 100. I did take Jack to the pool on Sunday though and he loved it!! And hooray for eating! That's great that he ate the oatmeal too. I always mix either oatmeal or rice cereal in with the fruits/veggies. It works to disguise it. :)


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