Monday, July 12, 2010

Peachy Keen

As you may have guessed based on my clever blog post title, Jack had his first taste of peaches today. When I say "taste", what I really mean is that he chowed down. He loved those peaches! He ate an entire 4 oz jar - just for breakfast. (To put this in perspective, the 4 oz jar of applesauce took him 3 days to eat.) I think I'm going to add in another meal of solids, because after wolfing down the peaches at breakfast, he then ate an entire jar of carrots (mixed with oatmeal) for dinner. It's rather bittersweet, this eating of "real foods". It means he's getting older, and we are another step closer to weaning. Before I get too nostalgic for baby-hood though, I remember that he has yet to crawl or sleep in his crib. So we have a ways to go, still :)


  1. Peaches are loved around here as well. Jack is already eating 3 meals a day. He eats 2 ice cube size servings at each meal. He'd definitely eat more, but I try to limit it since he's eating solids 3 times each day. It's crazy to think that one day soon, it's all they'll be eating!

  2. We just tried peaches out the other day as well and they were a huge hit! I think my little girl just likes fruit in general but she also "chows down" on the peaches and even asks for more!! We do 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner, 2 cubes at lunch, 3 at dinner.) I would add in breakfast but she's not much of a morning eater.
    And I know exactly what you mean about the weaning! I'm not looking forward to it!


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