Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheerio, Dahling!

Since acquiring two very sharp little teeth, Jack has been all about biting anything he can get into his mouth. His very favorite items to gnaw on seem to be my cell phone, an old pair of Cassady's sunglasses and Cheerios. He still can't get the cereal in his mouth very well, but once we've helped him, he'll say "Mmmm!" Another fun thing to do with Cheerios? Dump the bowl all over the floor and watch Mommy pick them up. Then do it again. Repeat until bored. Then find the sunglasses :)

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  1. Cute!! I gave Jack a tiny little piece of apple, which he seemed to be chewing, but he didn't swallow it so I had to fish it out. I don't think he's ready for cheerios yet, but I've got a big box waiting for when he is. I think the finger food stage is going to be very fun!


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