Friday, July 9, 2010

Apple Of My Eye

Well, technically it was applesauce. And really it was all over his face, rather than in his eye. (Or mine, for that matter!) Nevertheless, Jack had his first taste of apples today, and while I can't exactly report that he loved them, he ate 1/4 of the jar before making his cabbage patch face. I'd say we were successful, overall. He seems to prefer fresh fruit over those little jars, so I plan to make some applesauce for him soon. After his foray into the world of new foods, he snacked on a biter biscuit. Those little "cookies" are very messy! He seemed to enjoy it (he was making happy noises while gnawing on it), but I think he prefers the Baby Mum Mum. I am okay with that - the Mum Mum makes much less of a mess!

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